2023 Suki Aerobic


Event Dates:

17/06/2023 - 18/06/2023

Choose one of the gymnasts listed below to see their individual scores for the competitions they have competed.

Athena Snowden|Charlotte Mellor|Kaiden Wilson - IAC U10 Level 1

Ava Dryden - FIG Age Group IW

Charlotte Aston - FIG Nat-Dev IW

Daisy Purdie - RAC Nat-Dev IW

Elsa Suwalska - RAC Age Group IW

Elsa Suwalska|Lilly Murphy - RAC Age Group PR

Elsie Maidment - RAC Nat-Dev IW

Elsie Maidment|Leila Roche - RAC Nat-Dev PR

Florence Anderson|Halle-Mae Baker|Lacey Gladwell|Summer Rutter - IAC U10 Level 1

Hayley Tsoi - NAC Junior IW

Isla Burrow - NAC Nat-Dev IW

Jesse Mellor|Daisy Purdie|Sophie Nicholls|Lyla Hughes - RAC Nat-Dev GP

Kelsie-Jayne Wilson - NAC Junior IW

Kelsie-Jayne Wilson|Hayley Tsoi - NAC Junior PR

Lyla Hughes - RAC Nat-Dev IW

Rhianne Dean - FIG Age Group IW

Sophie Aston - FIG Age Group IW

Sophie Aston|Rhianne Dean|Ava Dryden - FIG Age Group TR