2023 Heathrow Aerobic


Event Dates:

26/05/2023 - 28/05/2023

Choose one of the gymnasts listed below to see their individual scores for the competitions they have competed.

Blancka Sobiecka - NAC-Age Group-IW

Cassie Cowan |Sienna Harrison|Jenna Metford - FIG-Nat-Dev-Trio

Ella Jenkins Breen - RAC-Pre-FND-IW

Ellie Lewis Francis |Charlie Cottam - RAC-Nat-Dev-Pair

Esmae Sword - NAC-Nat-Dev-IW

Harriet Henderson - RAC-Junior-IW

Harriet Wilce-Whitehead - RAC-Pre-FND-IW

Kaia Anderton - NAC-Nat-Dev-IW

Kaia Anderton |Mia Johnson|Esmae Sword - NAC-Nat-Dev-Trio

Kyra O'brien - NAC-Age Group-IW

Lily Henderson - NAC-Age Group-IW

Lily Henderson |Sophia Henderson|Teagan Bannister - NAC-Age Group-Trio

Lola Edwards - NAC-Age Group-IW

Lucy Chroston - NAC-Age Group-IW

Lucy Chroston |Kyra O'brien|Blancka Sobiecka|Lola Edwards|Hannah Lewis Salmon - NAC-Age Group-Group

Mia Henderson - RAC-Pre-FND-IW

Mia Johnson - NAC-Nat-Dev-IW

Naiara Uba - RAC-Nat-Dev-IW

Nelly Mccormick - RAC-Pre-FND-IW

Pippa Moore - RAC-Nat-Dev-IW

Sophia Henderson - NAC-Age Group-IW