2023 Heathrow Aerobic

Bracknell Leisure Centre

Event Dates:

26/05/2023 - 28/05/2023

Choose one of the gymnasts listed below to see their individual scores for the competitions they have competed.

Anna Höger - FIG-Junior-IW-Q

Anna Höger - FIG-Junior-IW-F

Annika Rekic - FIG-Age Group-IW-Q

Annika Rekic - FIG-Age Group-IW-F

Emma Klug - FIG-Junior-IW-Q

Evelina Fetscher |Suki Hammer|Heidi Rausch|Franziska Widy|Lina Zimmel - FIG-Age Group-Group

Heidi Rausch - FIG-Age Group-IW-Q

Katharina Wild - FIG-Junior-IW-Q

Laura Baumgartner - FIG-Senior-IW-Q

Laura Baumgartner - FIG-Senior-IW-F

Lea Robl - FIG-Senior-IW-Q

Lea Robl - FIG-Senior-IW-F

Marie Schäl - FIG-Age Group-IW-Q

Marissa Lederer - FIG-Age Group-IW-Q

Paula Moser - FIG-Senior-IW-Q

Sina Eberharter |Anna Höger|Emma Klug|Lia Wieser|Katharina Wild - FIG-Junior-Group

Sina Eberharter |Anna Höger|Lia Wieser - FIG-Junior-Trio-Q

Sina Eberharter |Anna Höger|Lia Wieser - FIG-Junior-Trio-F

Suki Hammer - FIG-Age Group-IW-Q

Suki Hammer |Franziska Widy|Lina Zimmel - FIG-Age Group-Trio-Q

Suki Hammer |Franziska Widy|Lina Zimmel - FIG-Age Group-Trio-F