2022 Southern Aerobic


Event Dates:

30/04/2022 - 01/05/2022

A list of the competitions at this event is shown below. Choose from the list of ranking options beside each competition to see the results.

RAC Pre-Fnd IM Open
RAC Pre-Fnd IM Closed
RAC Pre-Fnd IW Open
RAC Pre-Fnd IW Closed
RAC Pre-Fnd GP Open
RAC Pre-Fnd GP Closed
RAC Pre-Fnd PR Open
RAC Pre-Fnd PR Closed
RAC Pre-Fnd TR Open
RAC Age Group GP Open
RAC Age Group GP Closed
RAC Age Group IM Open
RAC Age Group IM Closed
RAC Age Group IW Open
RAC Age Group IW Closed
RAC Age Group PR Open
RAC Age Group PR Closed
RAC Age Group TR Open
RAC Age Group TR Closed
RAC Nat Dev IW Open
RAC Nat Dev IW Closed
RAC Nat Dev GP Open
RAC Nat Dev GP Closed
RAC Nat Dev TR Open
RAC Nat Dev TR Closed
RAC Junior IW Open
RAC Junior IW Closed
RAC Senior IW Open
RAC Senior IW Closed
NAC Nat Dev IW Open
NAC Nat Dev IW Closed
NAC Nat Dev PR Open
NAC Nat Dev PR Closed
NAC Nat Dev TR Open
NAC Nat Dev TR Closed
NAC Age Group IW Open
NAC Age Group IW Closed
NAC Age Group PR Open
NAC Age Group PR Closed
NAC Age Group TR Open
NAC Age Group TR Closed
NAC Age Group GP Open
NAC Age Group GP Closed
NAC Junior IW Open
NAC Junior IW Closed
NAC Junior IM Open
NAC Junior PR Open
NAC Junior TR Open
NAC Senior IW Open
NAC Senior IW Closed
NAC Senior PR Open
NAC Senior PR Closed
FIG Age Group IW Open
FIG Age Group IW Closed
FIG Age Group IM Open
FIG Age Group IM Closed
FIG Age Group PR Open
FIG Age Group PR Closed
FIG Age Group TR Open
FIG Age Group TR Closed
FIG Age Group GP Open
FIG Age Group GP Closed
FIG Nat Dev IW Open
FIG Nat Dev IW Closed
FIG Nat Dev TR Open
FIG Junior IW Open
FIG Junior IW Closed
FIG Junior IM Open
FIG Junior PR Open
FIG Junior TR Open
FIG Junior TR Closed
FIG Junior GP Open
FIG Senior IW Open
FIG Senior IW Closed
FIG Senior IM Open
FIG Senior IM Closed
FIG Senior PR Open
FIG Senior PR Closed
FIG Senior TR Open
FIG Senior GP Open
FIG Senior GP Closed